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SAITM issue will be solved soon - GMOA Secretary

The people of Sri Lanka have given an excellent reply to all pro-SAITM politicians and showed them where they belong. The SAITM issue will be solved soon because all parties, especially SAITM students and their parents have already accepted the solution given by the Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA), GMOA Secretary Dr. Haritha Aluthge said.

Addressing a press conference held at the GMOA headquarters in Colombo yesterday, he said that for the second time the people have told the former Higher Education Minister S.B. Dissanayake that he is not suitable to sit in Parliament. Deputy Minister Dr. Harsha De Silva got a black mark in his political career and got defeated after being pro-SAITM.

Dr. Aluthge pointed out that the current Health Minister and the Higher Education Minister got defeated and rejected by the people because of their pro-SAITM stand. They forced medical students to come into the streets and did not pay the Mahapola scholarship to take revenge from them. At least now they have to understand the issue and solve it without hiding it or making it more complicated day by day, just to win their personal agendas.

Now all parties have come to an agreement that all SAITM students should be given an MBBS that is recognized by the Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC). It can be either from KDU or the Nizhni Novgorod University in Russia. The SAITM owner cheated SAITM students stating that they will be sent to this university. They should not be given the SAITM MBBS because it is internationally blacklisted and locally a fraudulent company, he said.

GMOA Assistant Secretary Dr. Navin De Zoysa said that the Prime Minister has already been informed through a letter and another letter was to be sent to the President yesterday. The Supreme Court will be informed. A common document is now being prepared. SAITM issue will be able to end with the consent of all parties, especially the SAITM students and their parents. 


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None of the current students at SAITM had nothing to do with Nizhni Novgorod University in Russia. GMOA is crazy. Our children were admitted to SAITM interviewed by the local UGC for the approved SAITM MBBS and do not seek any foreign degrees. GMOA trying to create crisis and chaos as usual. Then why did Court of Appeal give verdict for SLMC to register SAITM MBBS for internship. Malice.

GMOA has no educational authority to grant any degrees, KDU or Russian. GMOA fakes are now in SLMC and they suppressed the genuine 9 committee member report and are now putting forward their own agenda to erase SAITM from MBBS from Supreme Court so that Dr.AP head in ""contempt of court " case can be aquitted if their is no SAITM word in court cases. Those so called SAITM students and parents may be fake signatures or deceived with "GMOA authority" manipulators as the real SAITM parents are not going to fall for this crap. Supreme Court case end of February, and GMOA "fake document" will be substituted for SLMC to win case against SAITM to register for internship. These are intellectual terrorists worse than VP to win court cases. Our clueless leaders after elections plug into GMOA manipulated confusion. Dr. Neville promised Russian undergrads, not donating SAITM. Let locals approved get their own MBBS, not like NCMC wanting Colombo MBBS.


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