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12 Strong

Brotherhood of battle

Breaking away from his Thor image Hollywood actor Chris Hemsworth leads the mission as Captain Mitch Nelson in ’12 Strong’ a powerful war drama from Alcon Entertainment. Directed by Nicolai Fuglsig the movie is based on the book best-selling book ‘Horse Soldiers’.

The incidents from the film are from true life incidents which occur in the aftermath of 9/11.

The filmmakers could have made more use of the narrative format involved in the plot as the story does not delve deep enough to explore the larger involvement of the U S in the matter. The most glaring flaw is the decision of director Fuglsig and producer Jerry Bruckheimer to forgo character development. That might have worked in the recent World War II drama ‘Dunkirk,’ where the harrowing event was the star of the film, but not here with all the emphasis on Hemsworth, taking his character on a ride from a soldier who thinks with his head to a warrior who follows his heart. Fuglsig spends little time establishing the film’s big ensemble before hurling them into the fight. The result is a cast of stereotyped characters - the do-anything, the strict colonel, the sergeant badass and the one who minds the child soldier.

Oscar nominee Michael Shannon too contributes to the project alongside Hemsworth. As Hal Spencer, Shannon flexes muscles and carries the action forward, pumping adrenaline into the war scenes.

Despite the lack of depth in the movie the actors carry off their roles well. This makes it quite watchable. It infuses heart and character into the drama.

Though the story might not be quite feature film material it reminds one of the reality, the horrors that one faces in daily life when a nation is torn by war.

‘12 Strong’ is currently screening at Majestic Cineplex. 


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