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Udayanga says he is ‘free’ in Facebook message

Udayanga Weeratunge
Udayanga Weeratunge

Former Sri Lankan Ambassador to Russia Udayanga Weeratunge who was detained in the UAE on February 4, has said he had been released, in a message posted on his Facebook page.

The relevant Facebook message is as follows: “I was detained in the UAE while in transit to the USA on February 4 by the INTERPOL, who checked and interrogated me and upon learning that there was no INTERPOL red alert issued against me, released me.

He also stated that he had no intention to return to Sri Lanka right now.

Already seven state officials are in Dubai to negotiate with the Dubai authorities for the extradition of Weeratunge.

An FCID official told Daily News that the Additional Solicitor General Yasantha Kodagoda, FCID head Senior DIG Ravi Waidyalankara and two other Foreign Ministry officials were among the group who left for Dubai on Wednesday.

They were scheduled to head to Abu Dhabi from Dubai as Weeratunge was believed to be held there.


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