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Naimbala Government Central Dispensary abandoned

The collapsing building of the Naimbala Government Central Dispensary. Picture by P. P. G. Sugathadasa, Thihagoda Group Corr
The collapsing building of the Naimbala Government Central Dispensary. Picture by P. P. G. Sugathadasa, Thihagoda Group Corr

The Naimbala Government Dispensary has no permanent building as yet, residents complain.

According to members of the staff of this medical institute, it is presently running in a rented old

building.The space and accommodation are hardly available there to conduct these medical services.

The shortage of essential medical drugs in this government dispensary has also been a big issue,

patients say. There is no State Osu Sala retail outlet nor a government pharmacy in Yatiyana and Thihagoda main towns at the present moment. Poor patients have to purchase prescribed drugs and medicines from private pharmacies at exorbitant rates as a result.

Material resources in this medical institute are nil. Maintenance of Clinics has also been badly

hampered under these difficult circumstances. The old building complex has currently been abandoned for years in view of lack of renovations. It is dilapidated and most parts of roofs of this building are in a state of decay.

Moreover, they are on the imminent verge of collapse, residents said.

The whole plot of land belonging to this government medical institute has presently been covered by weeds, wild plants and shrubs. No permanent parapet wall has still been constructed around this plot of land. Only a broken barbed wire boundary fence is to be seen there. Building walls,inner and outer doors and windows are to be painted anew. No dressing room is available there for the treatment of casualties. There is not a single room here for change overs for staff members nor a point of space to have their tea and meals. In spite of these practical hardships and difficulties they had to continue with medical services there, they stated.

Under these very difficult conditions, most of the emergency cases attending this state central

dispensary had to be transferred to Matara District General Hospital or the Kamburupitiya Regional Base Hospital, for urgent medical treatment, they stated.

According to latest statistical data available at the Thihagoda Divisional Secretariat Office, the

total population in the region are almost nearly one hundred thousand. Therefore, the urgent need of a Divisional Hospital for the Thihagoda Divisional Secretariat area has been emphasized by the people, they said.

Due to this sad situation, residents request the authorities responsible that immediate remedial

measures be initiated to rectify these shortcomings prevailing in the currently abandoned old Naimbala Government Central Dispensary and expeditious action also be taken to upgrade the same to the status of a divisional hospital.


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