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Volunteer Teachers’ Union to boycott polls

The Volunteer Teachers’ Union in the Northern Province stated that they would boycott the elections on Saturday alleging that only a few of their members had been given permanent teaching appointments.

They submitted a letter to the Northern Province Governor’s Office on Wednesday (7) during a protest held in front of the Governor’s Office in Jaffna.

The Volunteer Teachers’ Union District President S. Indrakumar said there are close to 643 volunteer teachers serving in government schools in the North for over 10 years but only 182 of them have been selected to be given permanent appointments on February 15.

They observed that this was unfair and that they would boycott the upcoming polls in protest.

The union added that several graduates were included in the list of volunteer teachers who were not given permanent appointments.

The Northern Province Governor was not in his office during the protest. Thus, the protesters handed over the letter of demands to Northern Province Governor’s Office, Additional Secretary S. Selvanayagam.

The Governor’s Office had earlier issued a notice that 182 volunteer teachers and 142 teachers working on contract basis would be given permanent appointments at a ceremony held at Temple Trees on February 15.


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