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PDO assists beauty culture entrepreneurs

Policy Development Office (PDO) functioning under the Prime Minister’s Office is working on finding solutions to problems faced by beauty culture entrepreneurs, PDO said in a media release yesterday.

The PDO’s islandwide survey on identifying issues in the field of beauty culture recorded a high response rate. The PDO has begun working on providing solutions to problems identified in the survey, taking into consideration suggestions made by entrepreneurs during the survey.

The PDO is still receiving data and the analyzing process is yet to be concluded. So far, two main issues have been identified from the available data, namely, no convenient locations for beauty salons and lack of capital to develop and improve them.

To provide solutions for these problems, the PDO is consulting divisional secretaries and local government officials. The PDO has begun discussions with the Central Bank in order to resolve the issue of lack of capital, the media release said.

“The field of beauty culture has been recognized as an accomplished profession. This project focuses on creating beauty salons with high standards and modern technology and generating successful young entrepreneurs in a high-quality beauty culture sector in future in Sri Lanka,” the PDO said.


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