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Monroe mania!

Marilyn Monroe has been dead for over 50 years. Yet she still has a powerful magnetic impact on people in today's world and a growing fan base.

One in particular is 32-year-old Cyril, who has already spent £5,000 on lip fillers and Botox over the course of 18 months, the Metro reported.

"I was first attracted to cosmetic procedures as I wanted to look younger and more like my inspiration, Marilyn Monroe," Cyril is quoted as saying by the Metro. He had his first Botox session at the age of 26. Since then he has had more than 20 different procedures and 16 lip fillers and Botox sessions. While he has encountered some unkind strangers for his transformation, he doesn't let it bother him. He also admitted he will not stop getting cosmetic procedures until he is happy with the look he wants.

He hopes to soon get a nose job, chin implants and cheek implants once he has save up enough money for the plastic surgery.



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