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Ceylon Café to introduce online booking and ordering

General Manager, Ceylon Cage, Mahendra Sahabandu with the new French Chef and the some of the kitchen staff. Pictures by Saliya Rupasinghe
General Manager, Ceylon Cage, Mahendra Sahabandu with the new French Chef and the some of the kitchen staff. Pictures by Saliya Rupasinghe

Located in the heart of Colombo's Cinnamon Gardens, the Ceylon Café will soon introduce online booking and also ordering online, said its founder, Niranjan Deva Aditiya who is also a Member of the European Parliament.

He said that this is due to the high demand it is receiving from both local and foreign clientele.

The Grand Gourmet at Nirj’s, Sri Lanka’s first French fine dining restaurant, (The Ceylon Café) was opened by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and Prof Maithree Wickremesinghe and since then saw several new additions to it.

“While our intention with Grand Gourmet at Nirj’s is simple, it is also boundless, in the sense that we want to achieve Michelin Star status and put Sri Lanka on the world gourmet map.

The finest ingredients are only part of the step – we want to provide an internationally recognised and immersive fine dining experience”, Niranjan Deva Aditiya said. “I have always had a passion for food, and it is through my association with the Nth Degree, and its Chairman Robert Walton MBE, that I have been able to immerse myself in the world of fine dining – to fully experience not only the best restaurants the world has to offer, but to also share the experience with top chefs and other food lovers”.

Grand Gourmet at Nirj’s will also be innovative and keep itself on the food industry’s cutting edge by flying in leading chefs and currently an experienced French Chef is employed.

The interior takes us back in time to the “Ceylon” era, with a sociable neighborhood dining atmosphere, which offers seating for up to 50 guests and is available for lunch, dinner, private dining, or exclusive hire.

The venue also saw several former prime Ministers such as Tony Blair from UK, Prime Minister of New Zealand John Phillip, world fame billionaires and economics like George Soros and Prof Joseph Stiglitz and Ricardo Hausmann and VVIP's from all over the world dining in it.

Along with the Ceylonese traditional recipes, The Ceylon Café’s Executive Chef and his team have been experimenting the various cuisines and its origins to offer you a choice of three different options at any given meal.

He said that though the restaurant is located in Colombo 7 the prices are affordable and are four times cheaper than of a four star hotel. “Due to this, one could even see University students at the restaurant,” he said.

Talking about his future plans he said that he was overwhelmed by the response he received for his first venture and would open a second restaurant in Southern coastal belt. “Once again I want to create a legacy and will be a glass bottomed venture where one would be able to see fish under the guest’s feet.”

The aim of Grand Gourmet at Nirj’s is to present fresh, local and seasonal produce in the best possible light while using the traditions of the French fine dining experience.

"Sri Lanka has an abundance of great produce - richly flavored and exotic ingredients and we use them to offer a fine dining experience". 



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