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Council tax hikes planned 'across England'

Nearly all local authorities in England are set to raise council tax and service charges amid concerns for their financial stability, a survey suggests.

Council tax is set to rise in 95% of authorities while 93% will hike service fees, according to the 2018 State of Local Government Finance research.

The planned increases come as 80% of councils fear for their balance sheets.Last week, Northamptonshire County Council banned all new spending and said its financial future was "grave".

Council tax can rise by 3% this year, in line with inflation, before a referendum is triggered, although the largest authorities are to be allowed to increase it by up to 5.99%.

Local authorities also oversee charges for services such as parking, burials and planning and 93% of respondents to the survey indicated new or increased fees in order to make ends meet. Central government funding has come under fire as a result, with councils said to be calling for a "fundamental redesign of the financial system". On Friday, it emerged Northamptonshire County Council had imposed emergency controls on its spending in order to address "severe financial challenges". The move, known as a section 114 notice, is issued when a council does not have enough money to meet its expenditure. It is the first local authority in 20 years to resort to the measure. (BBC)


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