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'Program for the Protection of Public Resources' :

LG polls: Corruption accounts for over 50% of complaints

The 'Program for the Protection of Public Resources', an election monitor connected to Transparency International Sri Lanka, has received nearly 150 complaints relating to local government elections.

Of these complaints, more than half are related to the abuse of State resources, Transparency Executive Director Asoka Obeyesekere said at a press conference on Wednesday.

In one such instance in Kurunegala, 20 sewing machines belonging to the Ministry of Industry and Commerce were discovered at the home of a supporter of a minor political party, Obeyesekere said. The police stopped the distribution of the machines and are holding them in custody until after the elections.

In Kegalle, the election monitor reported to the authorities that a building owned by the Sabaragamuwa Provincial Education Department was being used for election campaign activity by an opposition party. The police then sealed off the building.

Obesekere also said his organization’s reporting was also able to stop interviews for politically motivated job recruitment at the Hambantota Port.

In such specific instances, “the Elections Commission and other authorities have been able to take action,” Obeyesekere said.

He cited the case regarding the distribution of sil redi in 2015, which recently ended in the conviction of two senior public officials, as a reminder to public officials to follow the bribery, corruption and elections laws. Because some local government bodies were dissolved two years ago, “what we are seeing is that there is greater involvement of state assets connected to the central government, such as the use of backhoes related to particular line ministries, or the fact that central ministerial vehicles have been used,” he said.

Obeyesekere said persons who knew of such incidents should report them to the Program for the Protection of Public Resources at 071 010 25 70, 071 135 09 90, or [email protected]


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