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[CITIZENS' Mail - (07-02-2018)]

Threat before the teenagers

Over the last few years, we have managed to, in numerous fields but societal development, hamper in a disastrous way.

The norms, values and ethics have been messed up at many places. India has witnessed an upsurge in such cases. The younger generation is severely affected and their involvement in crimes demanding sensitive efforts.

The sudden entry of females into crimes depicts a pensive phenomenon. Sadly, in Rohtak district of Haryana state, a sister brutally killed her younger brother for merely conveying her love affair to their mother.

In another shocking incidence, a senior girl stabbed a seven years old boy of class first in the state of Uttar Pradesh. She committed the crime in the pretext of getting the school closed before its scheduled time. The boy is battling for his life in a trauma centre. These crimes kindle the clear divide between parents and their children.

The violent video games, insensitive television programmes and insatiability of quick success are influencing young minds.

We, as a society, need to fix the problem urgently to salvage our unvarnished young generations. The small move at right time may help in saving our disgruntled young generation.

Siraj Ahmad
Senior Research Scholar
Central University of Himachal
Pradesh, India 


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