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‘Strengthen President’s anti-corruption policy’

The Sri Lanka Freedom Bhikkhu Organization yesterday urged the public to use their vote to strengthen President Maithripala Sirisena’s policy to abolish corruption and fraud.

Addressing the media yesterday at the SLFP Headquarters, Sri Lanka Freedom Bhikkhu Organization Vice President Ven. Galagama Buddhananda Thera said the upcoming local government election is an ideal opportunity for people to elect President’s representatives as people’s representatives. He urged the public to elect SLFP candidates for local government bodies to get more development opportunities for their villages.

Refuting the allegations leveled against the President by various groups claiming that the President is following a separatist agenda, Ven Buddhananda said the President has no such agenda and as a person who won the confidence of all ethnic communities, he is always attempting to ensure the continued peace and stability of the country.

The Chief Incumbent Thera of Athuruwella Valukaramaya Ven Saddatissa Thera and Ven Dr. Kedewe Yasassi Thera also addressed the occasion.


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