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South needs Rs. 47 m to facilitate new LG members

Southern Province Local Government Department (SPLGD) has claimed Rs. 47 million from the Provincial Councils and Local Government Ministry to facilitate the increased number of people’s representatives to be elected for the local government bodies in the province at the forthcoming local government election, Southern Province Local Government Commissioner (SPLGC) Ranil Wickramasekara said.

The existing 584 local government representatives of 49 local bodies of the South will increase to 1074 subsequent to the results of the local government election on February 10, the Commissioner said.

The SPLGC Commissioner said many of the provincial Local Government Institutions could not afford the additional cost.

The meeting chambers of the local bodies have to be expanded and other infrastructure facilities including seating capacities, public address systems, building renovations and even new structures at some institutions must be provided to facilitate the high number of new representatives.

The additional funds were needed to facilitate 29 low income local bodies, he said.

Forty nine Local bodies in the area had only 584 representatives and the number will be doubled after the elections.

"I have already instructed all the secretaries of the Local Government institutions to provide facilities for people’s representatives at the next election, Wickramsinghe sad.


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