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Akila speaks in Kurunegala

UNP Kurunegala District Leader and Education Minister Akila Viraj Kariyawasam said 24,000 voters of Kurunegala city are waiting to select a new mayor and a new administration for the city.

He was speaking yesterday in support of UNP candidates contesting the Kurunegala Municipal Council. He said the people of Sathkorale believe in the ongoing development programme of the government and they would never vote for the JVP or SLPP.

Selwanayani, a school teacher contesting the Kurunegala Municipal Council as a UNP candidate said the UNP will win with a comfortable majority. She said a large number of school teachers have come forward to support the UNP. The JVP and SLPP will not able to win a single seat in the Kurunegala Municipal Council.

Selvanayani is a Tamil teacher at Kurunegala Wilgoda Hindu Tamil School. Kurunegala mayoral candidate Attorney Felician Perera and several other candidates also spoke. 


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