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Driving on the Southern Expressway

On the Southern Expressway we are permitted to drive at up to 100 kph which is twice the speed at which we drive on other highways. The reaction time is thus greatly reduced.

All my trips on this expressway had been during the daylight hours, save for my recent last journey at 7.30 p.m. While the day trips are a pleasant experience, the night trip was quite hazardous.

At night at this hour there are long lines of traffic going in both directions and many of these vehicles have their full headlights on leaving you quite blinded. Even though the centre partition ensures that we are not travelling head-on, the glare greatly reduces our distant vision making it quite a strain. It should be mandatory that all vehicles travel only on dipped headlights and the Police Motor Patrol must ensure this. Is it possible to have solar road lighting on this expressway?

Another hazard is that older vans and lorries are now on this Expressway, not only travelling relatively slowly but also with no rear lights or even reflectors. There was no evidence of a Police presence and the SUVs were flashing past at 120 kph. During daylight hours when the patrol cars are on duty no one exceeds the speed limit.

D L Seneviratne
Colombo 3 


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