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President attempting to mislead people from voting for SLPP:GL

The President is trying to intimidate and mislead the people and is also trying to stop people from voting for the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP), said Chairman of the SLPP, Prof G.L. Peiris yesterday.

He said so while addressing a media briefing held by the Joint Opposition (JO), Economic Investigation Unit at the Vajirashramaya Temple in Punchi Borella.

The President is trying to mislead the people by saying that he would not release funds to develop local governments controlled by the SLPP. This is not his personal fund. This money is collected through taxation of all Sri Lankans, while the Treasury releases these monies for the benefit of the people. We have a justice system in this country, the Joint Opposition will not allow the rights of the people to be thus violated, he further said.

JO MP Bandula Gunawardena also addressing the media said the country’s people were ready to vote en masse for the SLPP to prevent former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s civic rights being revoked.

“If Prabhakaran who fought a war for 30 years was unable to kill Mahinda Rajapaksa and since they could not harm him physically, the next best thing to remove him was to remove his civic rights,” he added.

The MP who attacked the government on various fronts, also touched on the bond issue and said that though the government would wish to say that there was illegal issue of bonds since Mahinda Rajapaksa’s time and presently due to the bond issue, Sri Lanka’s bond in the international market was known as ‘black bonds’.

“The government will feel the real impact of this after the election. When the government needs to issue bonds to raise funds and when they find that there were no takers for their bonds and they were no longer able to carry on. Then they would have no option but to impose heavy taxes on every consumer item. By the end of this local government election, the people would have to face a future heavy with taxes,” Gunawardena said.


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