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Ravi should step down from Assistant Leader post: UNP


United National Party General Secretary Kabir Hashim said that until the Attorney General or Bribery Commission reach a decision on taking legal action against MP Ravi Karunanayake, he should step down as Assistant Leader of the UNP.

“There are no findings against any member of the United National Party including Ravi Karunanayake in regard to the issuance of Treasury Bonds,” Minister Hashim said in the statement.

“But, however, the Commission of Inquiry has decided that the Attorney General and the Bribery Commission should determine whether action should be taken against (Karunanayake) under the Bribery Act or other appropriate legislation in respect of their findings that he had derived a substantial benefit from the lease payments made by … an associate company of Perpetual Treasuries Ltd,” he said.


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Ravi was a currupt Member even in the opposition ranks more than 3 yeasr ago,he is definitely currupt,step down do not distroy the UNP


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