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I want a government free of corruption: President

President Maithripala Sirisena addressing large crowds at an election rally held in Thalawakelle yesterday.Pictures by President's Media Division
President Maithripala Sirisena addressing large crowds at an election rally held in Thalawakelle yesterday.Pictures by President's Media Division

President Maithripala Sirisena said he wants a government free of bribery and corruption, and if all 96 members elected to Parliament from the SLFP led UPFA at the 2015 General Election stand by him, he was willing to form a SLFP government.

The President was addressing an election rally held at Ratnapura in support of UPFA candidates contesting the Local Government elections from the Ratnapura district.

"I am opposed to bribery, corruption and family bandyism. I will appoint commissions to probe bribery and corruption and take legal action against those found guilty irrespective of their standing or party affiliations," the President said.

The rally was organised under the directions of Labour, Trade Unions and Sabaragamuwa Development Minister W. D. J. Seneviratne.

The President said he appointed a commission to probe the Central Bank Bond issue from 2008 to 2016 and obtained a report. People involved both in the government and opposition made a hue and cry demanding the report be tabled in Parliament. But those demanded were maintaining stoic silence after it was tabled in Parliament. He would request them to reconvene Parliament and debate that report prior to the Local Government elections if possible.

He was certain that some of those clamouring for a debate would be stripped politically if the debate was taken up in Parliament.

The President said the question posed by many was what the government had done after assuming power three years ago. The government has accomplished many things, while there were also many things that ought to be done. The people were quite unaware that our country was relegated to the back seat by the International Community at the time the government assumed power, he said.

"Only a handful among the 194 nations in the United Nations supported us then. But today the government was able to make a complete turn around and win the confidence of the international world.

Today there are no talks on political platforms about the possibility of hauling our war heroes before the International Military Court and sending them to the electric chair if found guilty. Earlier there was a possibility of our country being subjected to economic sanctions," the President said.

The President said the country has no threats since the two major parties had joined hands to form a consensus government and take the country along a new path.

The government had abolished the draconian 18th Amendment by introducing the 19th Amendment paving the way for independent commissions, he said.

"Although some members of the opposition alleged that the government ill-treated War Heroes, it was they who caused grave injustice to War Heroes by selling the six acres of land in Colombo belonging to the Army Headquarters to a Chinese hotel chain to build a hotel. Today, the military headquarters and offices of the higher echelons of the Army were scattered in various places on rented buildings causing enormous cost to the government," the President said.

Who was responsible for giving out the Port City area on a 99-year lease to the Chinese? the President asked. 


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H.E is on the correct path of cleansing a highly polluted atmosphere. It is possible here as family are not genetic robbers. Dilapidated systems need to be put back in place without delay. Executive powers need to be used immediately to move forward rapidly or the enemy plans get entrenched. It is only as we look at nation and not at party politics that we are able to progress or else the struggle will continue between temporary party principles. Going forward with this open door for our nation is the priority. Let all our systems work to full capacity, locking up murderers/robbers for a period at least.

H.E Corruption so high because rules and regulations not in situ and not working-- law of the jungle. They have to work how to bring Udayanga back. You have to reinstall Priyanka as procedure not followed. Carlo head of SLMC 5 years, not a single annual report while doing TU politics. Now GMOA inside SLMC and where is AR and FR. Innocent SAITM students suffer as abolished without procedure. Execute them into a state institute and save them from chaos of wrong execution.

Your Excellency asks "Who gave port city to Chinese" It can return but something far bigger is "Who destroyed the govt. approved path of SAITM causing chaos to 700 students" Your Excellency under executive powers still has time available to rectify regardless of UNP failing policies. Affiliate the current rudderless students decapitated without help, due to a wrong illegal unrealistic govt. decision based on fabricated false accusation, into a recognized medical faculty already approved to start off soon. It will help both parties to complete. New private medical school SLIIT can start anew with SLMC. Innocent paid up SAITM students are imprisoned for political, business, personal agendas.

H.E then put the SAITM that the govt corrupted to abolish and correctly execute it into a state faculty. We are not yer ready for privatization robbery as you can see.

H.E got what he asked for and very few are left to support him. But he must put all in order immediately before the enemy regroups to end our nation. First correction must be all the wrongs he did personally, next his party, then the unity and finally everything that was governed for 3 years under him. The way that SAITM was illegally destroyed needs immediate correction as the Supreme Court case is due in 2 weeks and an immediate solution possible without UNP private rob economy.


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