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Corrupt politicians hindering country’s development -President

The large crowd that gathered in Gampaha. Pictures by President’s Media Division
The large crowd that gathered in Gampaha. Pictures by President’s Media Division

Corrupt politicians who have swindled money and abused their political power are the elements that stand in the way of this country’s development,” President Maithripala Sirisena said addressing a rally in Gampaha yesterday.

“Those years of being governed by ‘clean’ politicians are long gone,” he said citing examples such as former Prime Ministers D.S Senanayake and S.W.R.D Bandaranaike. “This country has suffered and continues to suffer many setbacks only because of its politicians. It is time to rid the country of the metaphorical political garbage.”

Detailing the many years of treacherous rule under the previous regime, the President went on to say that the height of corruption, abuse of power, nepotism and fraud had eroded the public’s confidence in their government. “There is a reason why the former President called for swift elections and lost. His rhetoric could not satisfy the international community and every bank and donor moved away.”

He added that it was after January 2015, that the President made a concentrated effort to ask the international community for their support and invite donors and foreign direct investments. “They then hurled allegations at us saying we are demonising the heroic efforts of the security forces and selling off national assets and government property,” he said addressing a group of religious leaders who were present at the rally. “When have we done that? Everyone knows who put General Sarath Fonseka behind bars and sold many acres as part of the Port City to the Chinese.”

The President who spoke on the Bond report said that he acceded to the many demands by various political circles and submitted both reports he had received to parliament. “However when they began to read it, they realised that they would be in trouble and decided to remain silent. Many political parties and their constituents are liable and guilty,” he said. “I like to see that a debate is held prior to the February 10 elections.” he wowed. 


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