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‘Easy win for SLFP’

For the first time in the history of Karathivu Pradeshiya Sabha, the SLFP will win easily. It is the duty of all in the Karathivu division to extend their fullest support to the SLFP, the SLFP’s Karathivu Muslim area organizer and candidate at Maligaikadu Wards No -1 in the Karathivu Pradeshiya Sabha A. M. Jahir said.

The SLFP’s candidate A. M. Jahir was speaking to the local press regarding the forthcoming Local Government election at his office, recently.

He said there are some good candidates in the SLFP nomination lists at the forthcoming Local Government elections for the Karathivu Pradeshiya Sabha in all seven wards. The governing of Karathivu Pradeshiya Sabha should be handed over to the SLFP, he said.

“We will win all seven wards in the Karathivu Pradeshiya Sabha,” he said.

The Maligaikadu West Ward Candidate S. S. M. Hakeem, second list candidates I. A. Hameed and S. M. Fasloon were present.


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