‘Culprits of bribery, corruption will be brought to book’ | Daily News

‘Culprits of bribery, corruption will be brought to book’

Although it takes time to punish those who have engaged in bribery and corruption, the government has planned to launch three special courts and all culprits will be presented in the special courts before April, said Transport and Civil Aviation Deputy Minister Asoka Ranjan Abeysingha.

He was addressing the party meeting organized to support UNP candidate M. M. M. Mursid, who competes in the 5th zone in Puttalam.

The meeting was organized under the chair of parliamentarian M. H. M. Navavi at Puttalam Mannar road Vannankulam junction.

The Deputy Minister said case hearings which are to commence this year, will finish in 2019 and the accused will be imprisoned for five years. According to law, if anyone is jailed for six months, they cannot become a candidate for the next seven years.

"Sri Lankan Muslims mostly cast their vote for the UNP. There are about 2.1 million Muslims and about 1.5 million among them are eligible voters in Sri Lanka. Among them, 9 million voters support the UNP. Such a victory has been attained in the last Presidential election too," he said.

"The UNP is not a party which considers racial differences. Also, Sri Lankan Muslims live peacefully while supporting the UNP. The Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim independent leaders have fought for the country by being together. This is our country's history," the Deputy Minister said.

He added: "The Sri Lankan nation is content with the present regime. The price of basic needs and medical expenses had reduced. Also, the salaries of government officials have increased. Many job opportunities have been provided. Therefore, if you want this to continue, you should support the UNP and provide the administrative authority to the UNP at the Local Council elections."

"The former rulers kept us in the opposition for 20 years. Let's keep them as the opposition for 25 years,” he said.

UNP organizer for the Puttalam electorate and parliamentarian Hector Appuhami, UNP Puttalam district manager Mohideen, former Jaffna district parliamentarian Dr. I. M. Ilyas, Irshad Rahmathullah coordinating secretary to Minister Rishard Badiudeen and other UNP candidates participated. 


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