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Misleading bill board

Daddy, please don’t drink and drive. This is a board displayed on the roads in Colombo to advise the drivers not to consume alcohol and drive vehicles.

But the word daddy gives a confusing meaning to this display board. It gives the idea that it is all right to drink. What is bad is to drink and drive. Son is telling the father it is all right to drink. But don’t drink and drive. This is not acceptable to our culture.

Sri Lanka is a religious country. No religion will encourage people to drink alcohol.

Drinking is a bad habit. Drinking even a small amount of alcohol is bad for health. You waste money. There will be family problems when you drink regularly. Your children and relations will not respect you.

These boards are prepared by the Police department. We very kindly appeal to the authorities to change the board wordings.

D Weeratunga


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