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Promises kept upright

If keeping the election promises are a hurdle, the incumbent Yahapalana government has achieved that. They have delivered the promises. The executive presidency, though not abolished, is diluted and is not almighty as it used to be. A flyover has been introduced to the bottleneck traffic of Rajagiriya. A reservoir has been given to the public in Moragahakanda. And now it is up to the general public to pay gratitude in the forthcoming election without falling for the false promises of other parties.

Addressing rallies in Elpitiya and Godakawela in support of the UNP candidates contesting the forthcoming local government elections, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said that legislation would be in place soon to ensure speedy and equitable justice was delivered, without letting cases drag on for long periods.

Prime Minister Wickremesinghe is a man of words. And we fervently hope he will keep this promise as well. This is something that should have been done about 15 years back. The previous governments failed to execute this. The Yahapalana government – we keep our fingers crossed – will attend to this significant task without fail.

The politicians are notorious for being concerned only about their duty-free vehicles, luxury pension schemes, luxury houses, high salaries, benefits and allowances. They failed to look into basic problems of the ordinary poor people. We are happy that the Yahapalana government has reversed that trend.

Therefore, the government does not have to depend on direct foreign investment. We have enough capable and clever lawyers to work on this. What is necessary is the will of the politicians and others in power. And that is a certainty we can look forward to with the incumbent government.

Lesly Samaratunga


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