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Kataragama protestors released on bail

Fifty eight persons, who were arrested for having behaved in a violent manner in the Kataragama town, were released on bail, according to the Police Media Spokesman’s Office.

The protest was staged on Sunday morning and continued throughout the day over the shooting incident that occurred on Saturday night around 10.30 pm in the Kataragama town.

Thirteen women and 45 men were arrested on the charges of obstructing traffic, causing damage to the road, assaulting police officers and causing injury to them, and obstructing police duties.

The suspects were produced before the Tissamaharama Magistrate on Sunday and released on bail. They were ordered to post Rs. 200,000 personal bail under the conditions that they report to the Kataragama Police Station on January 28 and sign a register. In the event they participate in any violent protest, they would be remanded. They are to report to the Kataragama Police Station every last Sunday, sign the register and ensure that no more violent protests are conducted until the completion of the funeral rites of the deceased.

Meanwhile, the Sri Lanka Human Rights Commission has launched an investigation into the shooting of the motorcyclist in Kataragama.

A motorcyclist had been shot and killed by a Police Constable in Kataragama on Saturday night after he disregarded police orders.


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