President Maithripala Sirisena addressing the rally. Picture by Sudath Malaweera
President Maithripala Sirisena addressing the rally. Picture by Sudath Malaweera

The public will not be deceived by persons who are requesting them to turn back, in order to evade the government’s process of bringing persons involved in stealing public property to justice, President Maithripala Sirisena yesterday said.

He made this observation at a rally held in support of Sri Lanka Freedom Party candidates competing for the up coming Local Government election in Wellawaya.

“These persons are saying to the public, that their decision on January 8, 2015, was a wrong one. They are trying to deceive the people by saying this.They are requesting people to vote for them at the election on February 10, to rectify this. This is a downright lie. This country did not make a mistake that day.

It is just that everything went wrong for these thieves and burglars.” President Sirisena said.

“If thieves come back into power, no one will be brought to justice.We will not be able to punish anyone of them.They will destroy evidence against them. So make sure not to elect them back again,”the President said.

“They misused their power when they had it.The damage they did to this country is immense. I will punish those involved in the Treasury bond issue as well as the thieves involved in the questionable Treasury bond issuances from 2008 to 2014,” President Sirisena also said.

Minister Sumedha G. Jayasena, Minister Gamini Wijith Wijayamuni Soyza, Uva Province Chief Minister Chamara Sampath Dassanayake, Wellawaya SLFP Organiser Jagath Pushpakumara, former JVP MP Anuruddha Polgampola and Provincial Council member Chandana Weliwita also spoke.Maha Sangha, other religious leaders, Minister S.B. Dissanayake, Minister Mahinda Amaraweera, MP Weerakumara Dissanayake also participated in the rally. 



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Yes H.E. Punish the frauds, but why are you abolishing genuine innocent SAITM undergrads about to become doctors. There was no theft or fraud but giving scholarships to those worthy. With time, rate of scholarships would increase. Standards would go up and this was feared. Wrong decision to abolish. Attach to Moratuwa uni. and give Kalutara hospital. These citizen students only studied in SL. Don't do injustice.

How come these thieves are still free and have not been arrested and charged?

H.E. President gets emotional and shows emergency to handle a perineal problem of dishonesty by politicians. However one observes that he is conveniently overlooking to peep inward at his party and partners of the last three years who have orchestrated systematic and unprecedented robberies of the people's bread in the guise of helping them. One look will reveal the bad eggs and end his chasing rainbows to hoodwink the disgusted people who have been robbed and encumbered with unbearable burdens driving the poor to the brink of starvation whilst enjoying perks and privileges. PEOPLE WANT TANGIBLE ACTION NOT EMOTIONAL OUTBURSTS THAT ARE ETCHED WITH POLITICAL VENGENCE.


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