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Multi Finance appoints new Board of Directors

Chairman Kuvera de Zoysa
Chairman Kuvera de Zoysa

Multi Finance PLC (MFPLC) has been a source of strength to businesses, and entrepreneurs in the urban rural and SME markets, playing a pivotal role in contributing to the growth of the Sri Lankan economy.

The company’s acquisition by rapidly expanding conglomerate Fairway Holdings in June 2017 has created greater potential for the company to expand with existing customers as well as exploring untapped credit markets.

Fairway Holdings, the leading Property Developer in luxury vertical solutions has rapidly ventured into multiple business areas including leisure, financial services, waste management, aviation, trading, bio technology, aquatic resources.

A key feature of this diversification has been Fairway’s ability to attract and sustain some of the best industry specialists from relevant segments, which has paved way for MFPLC to be steered by a strong new Management. Led by Chairman Kuvera de Zoysa, President’s Counsel the new and equally dynamic Board of Directors of MFPLC count over decades of professional experience in leading multinational corporations across a wide range of industries, with promising exponential growth for the company.

Members of the Board of Directors also include Pushpike Jayasundera who will serve as Executive Director/CEO whilst Champika Attapattu will take on the role of Executive Director-Legal. Serving as Independent Non-Executive Directors are the following: Dr. Ravi Ajith Fernando, Imal Fonseka, Prasann Leanage, Shelton Pieris, K.D.P.C. Abeysekera, and W.A. Lakshaman.

As a result of the acquisition MFPLC has experienced a rapid evolution, attracting the industry’s best talent to join its corporate management and expanding their existing branch network.

“At present MFPLC is one of the few finance companies in the country offering specialized solutions across a service portfolio consisting of fixed deposits, savings, leasing, business loans, multi draft, pawning, micro finance, trader finance and more,” said Pushpike Jayasundera Executive Director/CEO Multi Finance PLC, “Under the visionary direction of Fairway Holdings, we are confident of strengthening our decade-long identity of reliability, and look forward to enhancing shareholder value through financial stability, growth and specialized financial services in the coming years.”



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