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Impaired school bus driver fined Rs.8,000

A person with physical impairments who was arrested while driving a vehicle transporting school children had been fined Rs. 8000 by the Court on Monday.

Horana Chief Police Inspector Prasanna Welikala told Daily News that the man had never had a driving licence, but had been driving a bus transporting schoolchildren. However he said at the time of arrest, the children were not in the vehicle.

The suspect produced before the Horana Magistrate was fined Rs. 8,000.

He was later released upon having paid his fine. CI Welikala said the driver did not have one hand and an ear.

He said a person with such impairments will not be issued a driving licence as such impairments hamper one’s driving ability. The suspect had been transporting schoolchildren in a mini bus.The Chief Inspector warned parents to be cautious when selecting transport for their children as being careless could have catastrophic consequences.


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