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Snapshot of Donald Trump's First Year as President

U.S. Republican President Donald Trump has been in office for a year. 

Recap of what made the headlines during his first year as the President.


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Many a reason his presidency is not going in the right direction. He must stop all tweeting. Sleep better discuss with others his thoughts ideas before acting upon. Not self glorifying himself. Even we all hate each other in most circumstances let us put it besides for the sake snd welfare of the dociety think vountry and people first not cast unpleasant unwanted opinion of another nation other people based on race colour appearance wrath etc. Every nation has it's leadership open to corruption etc but not in news media

Best US president to occupy the White House since Reagan. Massive support in the heartlands, south and the desert states. He will go from strength to strength in the coming years. Every career politician in DC, regardless of the party, hasn't a clue how to deal with him. World can go to sleep at night, knowing it's Trump and not Obama taking care of business.

there are very waken up, but after vin of them , powers not go up proparly why they don't care ever to sit power chair, why they know ever not possibility proceeding,!

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