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Regarding clarification on his TENURE AS PRESIDENT:

I will accept SC decision

No desire to remain in Presidency for long:
Never interfered with the judiciary:

President Maithripala Sirisena yesterday asserted that he would accept the decision of the Supreme Court regarding his request seeking clarification on his term in office.

He emphasized that no one should be worried about it.

The President was speaking at the Election rally at Akuressa, campaigning for the victory of UPFA candidates vying for the upcoming Local Government polls.

“Ever since I took a decision to seek a clarification from the Supreme Court over my term in office, both the media and political parties have been speculating about it,” the President said.

“I wish to stress that I am ready to give up the Presidency even today.”

The President reiterated that he ‘was not power hungry and had no desire to remain in the Presidency for long.”

“I have never interfered with the affairs of the judiciary,” the President said. “We were able to ensure the freedom of the judiciary and the rule of law to prevail within the last three years.”

He added that he was duty bound to rid the country from the shackles of corruption and steer it on the path of prosperity. “I want to make this dream a reality and I am committed to carrying out this task.”

President Sirisena added that an SLFP victory at the upcoming election is a foregone conclusion .

“I had a dream for over 35 years which is the Moragahakanda irrigation project which I was able to make a reality. The main issue this country is facing and the main impediment to the growth of the country and its economy are corrupt politicians,” he said.

“The people know that corrupt politicians are standing in the way of the country’s development. Hence, we should ensure that we create a clean state for good administration from the grassroots level through upcoming elections.




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