Thai Pongal honours God Sun for bringing prosperity -John Amaratunga | Daily News

Thai Pongal honours God Sun for bringing prosperity -John Amaratunga

Tourism Development and Christian Religious Affairs Minister John Amaratunga extends his best wishes to Hindu devotees on the occasion of Thai Pongal.

“Offering the tribute to the God Sun, who brought the prosperity and offering gratitude to the animals that assisted to fertilise the harvest are special rituals on the Thai Pongal day,” the Minister pointed out.

“According to the faith of the Hindu devotees, the God Sun with his happiness will bless the people for a prosperous life. The Hindu devotees expect to live without any physical or mental affliction, with the blessing of the rituals performed on the Thai Pongal day,” he said.

“The Thai Pongal day is esteemed among the people as a valuable occasion which demonstrates the long term relationship between the nature and the humans.

“The Sri Lankan community which expects the prosperity through an agricultural lifestyle has a strong closeness with the Thai Pongal celebration. I wish the determination of the Hindu to fertilise the life with reconciliation and the peace accepting the blessings rendered with the dawn of the Sun on the first day of the month of Duruthu with the transition of the dragon be meaningful with the Thai Pongal Celebration.

“May all receive prosperity through the blessing of the God Sun!”, the message says. 



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