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Personality development workshop for SLFP candidates

Chief SLFP organizer for Mahiyanganaya at a workshop organized by him.
Chief SLFP organizer for Mahiyanganaya at a workshop organized by him.

If the voters of Mahiyanganaya and Rideemaaliyadda cast around for a better political philosophy for the development of the locality, then there is the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) currently under the leadership of President Maithripala Sirisena behind them, a local politician claimed.

Chief SLFP organizer for the Badulla district electorate of Mahiyanganaya added that he is confident that leader of Party Maithripala Sirisena is able to carefully navigate difficult and complex routes to democracy and development.

‘When it comes to a better future for the country, harsh measures should be taken against unscrupulous people, wrongdoers and those who are with anti-democratic attitudes to the country and it is the leader of the party and incumbent President that has the capability of doing so’, K. P. Gunawardhana said addressing a gathering of candidates fielded by the SLFP in the forthcoming local government poll.

These days, Gunawardhana is meeting the candidates contesting for the two local government bodies of Mahiyanganaya and Rideemaaliyadda pradeshiya sabhas at a Saturday workshop on personality development for them. He criticized those SLFP members who are contesting the February 10 election separately, accusing them of causing ‘tremendous damage’ to the party and to the path forward for the country.

“The optimism about ‘reunification’ has all but died, due to tough decisions taken by them”, he said, adding that many of them would have come back individually at the end, though". The political future of the nation as well as the party should not be ruined by making excessively abrasive comments,’ Gunawardhana lamented.

‘Although dissidents who see him as a person betraying the party policies for the sake of UNP (United National Party) vilify the leader of the party, those who are against corruption and malpractices of politicos are still with him.’ The Sri Lanka Freedom Party and the United Peoples’ Freedom Alliance (UPFA) fielded candidates will win the upcoming poll, for sure against this background, he added.

The chief SLFP organizer for the Mahiyanganaya electorate urged the candidates to strictly adhere to the election guidelines issued by the Election Commission and the Department of Election Commissioner. He said that all rules and instructions given through the guidelines by the two official organizations this time tell those who are in the fray how to engage in electioneering democratically and peacefully, adding that they are not a barrier to anybody to do their work correctly.

These types of guidelines enable the country to hold future elections properly, Gunawardhana added.


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