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ICTA eLocal Government solution showcases digital transformation in local authorities

The Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA)’s eLocal Government (eLG) Project is significantly automating key day to day transactions provided by local authorities ensuring more people-friendly, effective and efficient services through the use of ICT.

The potential of engaging and empowering citizens through eLG cannot be understated as local councils provide a host of important local public services and is a critical player in the delivery of public service for all citizens.

Through eLG,citizens now access effective and efficient online transactional services, affording individuals and businesses the opportunity to complete their dealings with their local authority in a convenient and efficient manner.The eLG digital transformation has also unlocked a range of productivity and efficiency benefits for local authorities and the government.

Additionally, as digital transactions are generally faster, more convenient and mobile, they are set to become the preferred channel for citizens to access government services further saving costs and time and reducing inefficiencies.

Offering online transactions at local authorities are also set to enhance Sri Lanka’s image and ranking in the global ease of doing business index. The net dividend of digital transformation through eLG is likely to deliver significant economic benefits for governments and citizens.

As an initial step, eLG has been launched in over 30Local Government and Provincial Councils across all 9 Provinces, such as Municipal Councils, Urban Councils and PradeshiyaSabhas across the island. During the next phase all 341 local authorities across the island will have access to the eLG platform.

“Although we live in an increasingly online world, a significant part of our population remains digitally excluded. A key element towards a smart nation/city is inclusive digital transformation delivering significant net economic benefits for citizens and the government. Through ICTA’s eLG project our local authorities will transform responding to digital change and developing seamless and transactional public services where all can take full advantage of the benefits of the digital revolution,” said Faiszer Musthapha, Minister of Provincial Councils and Local Government

These online services will reduce customer waiting time, and long queues, offering easy retrieval of data and online payments creating a more streamlined, standardised and redesigned process.

Staff at local authorities too have greatly benefitted as a result of the new platforms.

Commenting on the Agency’s role Chitranganie Mubarak, Chairperson, ICTA Sri Lanka said, “ICTA’s eLG project has enabled our local authorities to progress in enabling citizens to carry out a host of transactions online. 


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