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Beware health hazards!

Food is a vital necessity for the survival of the human beings. It is indispensable for all living beings. The media highlights the plight of people walking many kilometres to fetch water.

They have a bath once a month only! People in the urban areas are gifted with pipe-borne water.

We find that there are so many poultry farms, piggery, dairy and cattle farms (buffaloes) and goat farms close to residential areas and these cause untold misery to people living in the area. The nuisance of the foul smell, the fly and mosquito menace is beyond anybody's expression. Dengue is rampant in these areas!

In Kandy District, especially the rural and abandoned tea estate sector, there are many poultry farms which use the water from streams close by what the villagers below use for drinking and bathing purposes. These cause the misery of health problems. No doubt big time branded farms are located in places where it is not a problem to the masses and are well maintained and every care taken to maintain cleanliness unlike the farms in the rural sector amongst human dwellings.

It is high time that the health authorities take steps to locate the farms that are a health hazard to the people to marked locations so that the masses in these areas are protected against dengue, fly and mosquito menace and make the water pure for drinking and bathing purposes.

Also invariably, the lorries come late in the night to collect these birds and the peace and sleep disturbed of the people living in the area. The deep-litter is thrown in the vicinity developing a breeding ground for fly and mosquitoes. These must be stopped and the health authorities should take appropriate action to streamline these farms so that there are no health hazard issues.

Kingsley Durairaj


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