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Ambalantota town development plan yet a dream

Any hopes of development have not fallen upon Ambalantota with the coming into existence of successive regimes. Plans were drawn up by the UDA for the development of Ambalantota town several years ago but the implementation of the development plan still remains a dream according to the residents.

Ambalantota is the main economic hub in Hambantota district and is also a hub of quite a number of important activities. The vehicular traffic congestion in the heart of the Ambalantota town prevails during pola days on Mondays and Thursdays.

The Waduruppa road that runs from the heart of the town also gets congested with vehicles. It is such a narrow road that two vehicles cannot pass at the same time.

The existing bus stand is situated on a small plot of land. It is not enough for the commuters to take shelter during rainy days.

The weekly pola is congested as such the consumers cannot move about freely to make their purchases. The Ridiyagama road is used as the bus stand for private and CTB buses causing hard ships to the vehicular traffic. The trishaw park is also on the Ridiyagama road. This trishaw park is a hindrance to the pedestrians. The Clock Tower in the heart of the town is used for propaganda work by businessmen and politicians.

The drain complex in the heart of the town remains clogged with refuse garbage and refuse water. But the sanitary labourers perform their duty to keep them clean very often. Certain businessmen throw refuse to the drains instead of dumping refuse in the waste paper baskets that are made available. These drains pose a threat to the health and sanitary conditions of the citizens.


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