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Kandy smacks of class and clinical finish

Salutations to all rugby islanders and devoted fans, dedicated to seeing their club colours victorious and stamina to finish strong. The Dialog league now starts its long lung busting lap to the end ...leaving in its swell, all sorts of conclusions ..some joyous, some victims, but mostly players relief, to get through... injury free or with less bruising to finish strong.

Fundamentally the dawn of the new 2018, should in theory, be some time to reflect and all those traditions....for us mortals, yes.

But for our islanders rugby warriors...it’s time to tunnel vision strength, belief and controlled aggression ..that will make a difference in the middle.

It's an all or nothing theory now ...Kandy sitting very pretty on top of the standings and quite the local super rugby team, absolutely outplaying Police at home ...with a 61points that smacked of class and clinical finishing.

I can well imagine the warm endorphins haze around the lions coaching staff ...all those hours of skill drills, and timing ..all in rhythm and at pace.

Police seemingly mesmerized and short of rapid counter ...leaking 9 tries through their almost virtual defence! The facts are hard to accept, let alone play against ...when you face them up in that Nittawela cauldron...of pain.

Survival is one option ..and defying noise and the intense partisan cheers, adding to the game pressure in the middle. The years haven't dulled the sense of purpose or intimidation...if anything, it is more now ..with the two covered stands looming large.

Havelocks, CR and Navy are the only sides with an outside chance of challenging Kandy’s domination this season...and the glorious possibility of some real drama if they beat the table leaders and defending champions.

We have to accept the inevitable ..as hopes continue to weaken that tide of real opportunity.

The Kandy habit and system, shining bright for that brood and speaks volumes for their professionalism.

Coach Martis would be positive about the Park boys really stepping on the gas ..pushing harder upfront and petrol to outrun and outlast all comers. His belief has some weight and depends how much mental toughness the Havies carry into each game ...this is the ultimate factor and still some significant time to change the league.

CR and Navy will be nursing similar ambititons..But both coaches in Feretti and Jayatilake for Navy, will be pulling up all that craft and strategy for their matches over the next 4 weeks.

So much depends on the injury and availability of key players...that is the significant and telling difference that the lions carry ...at any given turn.

The bench strength and depth too much class to ignore and difficult to match under pressure....this quality is such a luxury for them and has a razor edge finish to everything they decide to call in the middle.

Captain Weerey ..a little more determined and hopefully fitter and charged up since his new Christmas arrival by stork...happy to report that mother and baby are both well and plenty incentive for Gayan, 1...to get super fit, and 2....demand the next level finish from all his charged up lions, every time they run out.

Fazil, still the master at fly, jnr Weeraratne scrum half...and heaps of skill and pace, compliment the Wiliveera, Ritchie Dhaha, Ratwatte, and Danush. In the form of his life ..Ranjan, looming like a great white shark...what a grand line and Sooriyabandara, the impact specialist. No one wants to confront for the last quarter ..all itching to get on.

The odds favour them massive ...But nothing to stop Tarinda Ratwatte, Omalka, skipper Kavan and the Longdon Place boys from ripping the heart out over the next two weekends...what a tantalising prospect if they turn it on and beat Kandy, win all and bonus up for a dream finish ...aloha the reality of defying the odds!

Navy's captain Danuska Gertha Perera, will be celebrating in his own inimitable style that famous victory with the very last kick of the game ...Again we find the CH on the line and no power to protect the lead ..solid in patches of significant brilliance and then impossible sadness, as they fail to protect their line and a positive to parade back to Maitland...it’s been mighty quiet back at Gymkhana ..with a few jars to cheer what a telling effect CH are having this season.

Coach Lagga well versed in the subtleties of final round islanders rugby....back from his break away, with a few new options ..,?

Coming up this busy rugby weekends storm ...all matches are in our windy city by the sea and 4 pm knockoffs, except the CH v Havelocks under lights for a 6.30pm start ..at the well set Park stadium.

Whilst wishing all my regulars a significant and productive 2018, I would also like to nudge up a small reminder to all involved in our union code at every level ...to carefully seek professional advise and guidance about the use of supplements. The global trend and push for better performance is an inevitable fact ..But caution and safety checks vital before you start the players on this path. Bottom line reality ...chemicals in our blood, change the composition of our system, affects our hormone production and can cause irreversible damage as we continue to absorb the substance as the promise of enhanced muscle and performance, fuddle the brain and cloud our power of reasoning. Seek proper advise and shop from known suppliers.

National rep players need to clear local anti doping rules and also check WADA..the world anti doping authority guidelines...it is an absolute and not to be ignored requirement.

The law on banned substance is the toughest yet..automatic bans even if you are on medication and fail to inform etc. Check on the specifics and get your management to clear each step.

January means a new beginning and heaps of hope for players, coaches and parents alike ...be sensible, stay fair and push beyond the maximum this season.

The code is about skill and fair play ..let's absorb those principles to the max and enjoy the gladiators on their title push. Bigger, better, faster, sharper, and much stronger this season, is our wish.

Blessings to fans and warriors for the most impact on both sides of the touch line ..let's wish the TMOs that balance each game. Bula bula islanders and their favourite game ...for 80minutes of pure impact and magnetic skills.

Rugby hearts stand apart ..Cheers!


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