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The poster menace

The removal of election posters that deface walls costs the state millions of rupees. Police stations are compelled to hire labour for the removal of posters and cut-outs.

It is not only politicians who are guilty of this. The private tuition mudalalies are equally responsible. The inability of the government to curb this illegal activity shows not only the inefficiency of the enforcement authorities but the lack of political will to eradicate this practice.

Over the past several decades Elections Commissioners have drilled into the heads of candidates to refrain from mounting cut-outs and pasting posters on walls. But candidates, even political pups do not appear to care two hoots for the instructions of the Elections Commissioner and the law.

Candidates who do not respect the laws of the country have no moral right to become lawmakers. These scum of society who contest elections openly defy laws to impress the voters.

They want to show their rowdy supporters, the Kasippu, Kudu and underworld types that they can even order the police to ignore their unlawful activities.

All political parties have the greatest regard for their poster boys. They belong to the underworld and they are the unofficial body guards of the politicos. To keep these rascals going posters are essential. No wonder, the poster menace continues.

Make the display of cut-outs and posters unseatable election offenses; the printing of posters an offence; and the possession and transport of posters offences.

It is surprising indeed that the forthright Chairman of the Elections Commission has not thus far called for these reforms!

Edward Gunawardena 


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