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Wrapping paper dresses

Few things are more thrilling than ripping open a Christmas present, but the shiny wrapping paper that gets thrown away afterward usually goes straight to the landfill. North Carolinian costume designer Olivia Mears, known on social media as avantgeek, has come up with a brilliant way to reuse those picked-over packages – by turning them into majestic dresses.

The ingenious idea came to Mears back in late December of 2013, and after going viral with her first design, it became clear that the eco-conscious dresses would have to become a yearly tradition. “I’m continuously inspired to find unconventional or recyclable things to make dresses/art out of,” she wrote about the concept.

Each dress is composed of recycled wrapping paper, ribbons, bows, and plenty of glitter. If you’ve ever imagined what a Disney princess might wear to a Christmas party, this is undeniably it.Earlier this year Mears was in the news because she made an incredible pizza dress.

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