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Dengue eradication

Cleaning programme held in Sammanthurai

The cleaning programme in progress. Picture by I. L. M. RIZAN, Addalaichenai Central Corr.
The cleaning programme in progress. Picture by I. L. M. RIZAN, Addalaichenai Central Corr.

Dengue fever is on the rise again in the Ampara district, and hence, awareness programmes on dengue-prevention are being conducted.

A one-day cleaning programme to clean up several areas in the Sammanthurai DS division, was held recently.

This was jointly organized by seven institutions and public organizations, including the Sammanthurai All Mosques’ Federation and the Sammanthurai MOH Office.

A health walk under theme Dengue Awareness, was also held on the same day. Several participants including Digamadulla District Parliamentarian and District Development Committee Chairman M. I. M. Mansoor, Sammanthurai Divisional Secretary S. L. M. Haniffa, Sammanthurai Police OIC M. K. Ibnu Azar, Health Department officials, and members of the public participated in the event.

Following this, programmes are currently being carried out to eradicate dengue in all Grama Niladhari Divisions. Mosquito eradication and awareness programmes are being conducted throughout the division. State and private sector workshops, institutes, schools, and homes were inspected for mosquito-breeding grounds.

Measures are being taken to clean mosquito-breeding areas. Environmental pollution, which helps spread dengue, was identified, and action was taken to clean the environment.

Health Department authorities also made door-to-door inspections to check mosquito-breeding grounds and educate the people on the significance of eradicating such places, sources said.


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