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‘SP has risen to top in promoting education’

Even at a national level, the Southern Province (SP) has risen to the top in all educational promotion activities, Southern Provincial Education Minister Chandima Rasaputhra said.

He made these views addressing as the guest of honour at a felicitation ceremony held in honour of the recently-retired principal Bengamuwe Wimala Thera of the Thihagoda Junior School.

“There are some politicians who are inciting acts of thuggery and violence to gain their malicious political objectives. As a veteran and an experienced politician, I would never resort to such malpractices. Voters should be allowed to decide the future of a politician based on people-friendly services performed by him,” Minister Rasaputhra said.

“It is hardly possible to run a school while satisfying politicians, parents, etc. It is also difficult for a Buddhist monks with an abundant sense of kindness and compassion, to carry out the duties of a proper school adminstrator. Bengamuwe Wimala Thera was appointed principal of this school by me. The principal Thera maintained a proper administration in the school to the satisfaction of all,” the minister added.

Minister Chandima Rasaputhra said that there is an excess of teachers in some schools, while other schools in remote rural areas in the region have a shortage of teaching staff. In spite of all these obstacles, he expressed his deep sense of gratitude to both teachers and students for making better academic achievements and bringing a honour to the Southern Province.

A recent survey carried out in the South has revealed that the lack of a proper and healthy atmosphere for children, poverty, and disruptions of families, had led to the decrease in examination results of some children.

The SPC Education Ministry is also exploring the possibility of getting these children going through difficulties and economic hardships, admitted to children’s homes to afford them quality education. Advanced countries in the world have adopted these strategies, he said.

He said children are the asset of the country. Financial allocations for them would not be an invaluable investment for a bright future, and not a mere expenditure and waste of money. He added that affording a sound education to every child in the Southern region would be the cherished aim of his ministry.

Minister Rasaputhra said that in the national educational development process, the study of Engineering Technology has been prioritized. Proper facilities have to be made for students for studies in that field.

Plans are afoot to further boost the academic attainments and examination results of all students in State schools in the Southern Province. Speedy measures have also been initiated to enhance physical and human resources in all schools in the Southern province he said.

The educational development of the children would be the vision and mission of the SPC Ministry of Education he further added.

Retired principal Bengamuwe Wimala Thera and several higher education officials also addressed the meeting. 


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