Public road across Mullaitivu troops headquarters opened | Page 2 | Daily News

Public road across Mullaitivu troops headquarters opened

The SFHQ-MLT opened the public road that runs across the perimeters of the SFHQ-MLT connecting Puthukudiyirippu and Vattappalai on January 1.

Opening of the road facilitates the public largely and provides easy access to the released lands and properties. Earlier, the civilians were compelled to make a detour avoiding the SFHQ-MLT complex, but with the opening of the 2km-long road would save their time.

On the same day, devotees in Mullaitivu made offerings to the Kottadi Pullaiyar Kovil, repaired and renovated by Mullaitivu troops to symbolise the goodwill that prevails between ordinary civilians and members of the security forces.


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