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2018 could be a good year for Kandy sports

2018 is going to be a good year for sports in Kandy. Sportsmen and women over here are taking stock of their lives and mapping out how to improve themselves in 2018 in the sports to stay fit and healthy. Most people wake up on January 1st with the best intentions. 2017 was good for rugby especially at club level where the only rugby playing club Kandy Sports Club steps into the New Year with an unbeaten record. Cricket, swimming, athletics, chess and hockey at school level were also at its best.

The obvious and most stated reason why playing sports helps you in life is because of leadership and teamwork. The reason why playing sports early in life helps children become successful is because it teaches them how to live a healthy lifestyle. Although there are obvious exceptions, good health correlates strongly with success in jobs. Reasons for this are because if you are in good shape, you feel good about yourself, and confidence is crucial. Those who are confident in themselves perform much great than those who are not. It is proven that physical exercise puts people in better moods, and allows them to keep fit. Getting a good amount of fitness and being in a good mood will help you in your workplace. Playing sports as a child puts them on the right track.

All schools are in top form to present good cricket, the last two months matches were held up due to bad weather. This year the Trinity-St. Anthony’s big match known as the Battle of the Maroons will be the 101st encounter, Dharmaraja vs Kingswood encounter will be the 112th called the Battle of the Maroons, The Battle of the Babes between St. Sylvester’s and Vidyartha will be the 60th. Wariyapola Sri Sumangala and Sri Rahula will clash for the 20th time known as the Battle of the Golds, Madina Central Madawella and Al Azhar Akurana known as the Battle of the Double Maroons is the only big match in the country between two Muslim schools.

Then there is the 74th Bradby, the first leg it is reliably learnt will be on April 21st and the 2nd leg on May 5.

All rugby playing schools are in top form and are blessed with good players and coaches and determined to come out with fine performances.


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