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[CITIZENS' Mail - (02-01-2018)]

Crackdown on corruption

President Maithripala Sirisena has finally been handed over a commission report. That President Sirisena genuinely requires corruption eradicated is a fact we all acknowledge without doubt. At the same time, we fervently hope that Mr. President would not follow the footsteps of his predecessors who are noted for appointing various commissions.

Appointing commissions has become the saviour of Sri Lankan politicians. For the last ten years, our governments have appointed several hundred commissions. We have spent millions and millions of taxpayers’ money on these commissions.

But if we study the outcome of these commissions, we can say that it is almost zero. Some commissions have not submitted their reports. Most reports have been released, though they gather dust under someone’s table.

When there is a problem in the country, politicians will immediately appoint a commission. The issue may be a high profile fraud. It may be some kind of disaster. It may be a terrible accident owing to negligence. It may be a flop of an important project. As for politicians, they will appoint a commission. The commission will take several months to prepare the report. People will forget about the problem during that period. That is what politicians want. If people raise queries about the problem, the politicians will say wait till the commission report is out. This is a delaying tactic. This is a tactic to play out the people. A tactic for politicians to survive! A tactic to deceive people!

We have ministries, departments, corporations and senior officers to execute various jobs. They are highly paid. They are given all luxury facilities. When there is a problem in the country, these people should solve. Why appoint commissions? What is the use of those highly paid officers?

By appointing commissions, they make no one responsible or accountable for the mistakes or blunders done by their friends, relations and party supporters.

If the officers responsible do not execute what is expected of them, the higher authorities should sack them and appoint people who can do the job. Do not give that job to a commission, please!

We can judge the weakness and the incapability of a leader by the number of commissions he is appointing.

D Weeratunga



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