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If I were Angulimala

Dearest and innocent Angulimala
You were a mislead by
Your teacher
During the process of your
Traditional education
Jealousy friends of yours
Had made a trap to
Crushed you entirely
You were a brightest and
Extra ordinary student
Out of all others
But their jealousy heart
Couldn’t bear your improvement
And never accept it
Except your “Guru”
He gave due respect ,care and
Due recognition always
Towards you
Ultimately situation was
Completely changed
Everything were converted
Upside down!
Cleverest student was
Completely converted to
Sole enemy to “ Guru”
Suddenly he gave destructive instruction To his cleverest student “Angulimala”
He carried out “Gurus “instruction For the sake of “Gurupooja”
If I were a you
I would haven’t follow
The way that you followed
You followed wrong advice
Of your teacher
You didn’t apply your own
Wisdom and creativity
That you have acquired
Through your education
For decision making
So your education is an utter failure
If I were a you
I definitely killed
The philosophy of “Gurus”
That he blindly adhere
And that would make the killers
Over and over again like you
If the teacher is misled the society
Then the duty of the
Brightest student to
To correct and enlighten him by the way of
Constructive criticism
“Angulimala” if I were a you
I would never ever killed
More than 1000 people
Just for a finger
To promote “Gurupooja”
Definitely, I would attack to
Blind faith of “Guru”
Then I would directly reached
To reveal the truth of Lord Buddha
Until not waiting for Lord Buddha’s
Arrival towards me to console
I would be able console my life
With the Buddha’s teaching
Merely learning Would not help
To make a man complete
But its righteous application
Would always help to
The world entirely console



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