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The Blessed Visit

Sakyamuni Sri Siddhartha Gautama, at the height of his struggle for Enlightenment, developed the superhuman powers of divine vision which he diverted a countless number of times on the lives of countless beings in their journey through Sansara. He came to their aid and relieved them of their suffering.

This was said to be his daily routine. Sri Lanka is privileged to have been attracted by his attention several times which means that so-called Darmadweepa was blessed by the living Buddha the most sacred event for we Sri Lankans in human history. Not once by thrice on various occasions. The greatest blessing to the island was the Buddha’s first visit to Mahiyangana in the ninth month after the enlightenment.

The Buddha advised his numerous disciples to spread the doctrine and the message of Dhamma to all mankind in the world. Having sent them on this great mission. The Buddha is said to have focussed his attention on Sri Lanka. Ancient chronicles reveal that the Buddha arrived at Mahanagavana a splendid park in Mahiyangana located in the vicinity of Mahaweliganga. The island at the time of the Buddha’s visit is said to have been inhabited by Yakkas and Nagas referred to as Amanussa. Here the reference may be to the primitive state of civilisation in the island. Here the Yakka and Naga with their rough behaviour opposed the arrival of the Buddha. However the sudden appearance of the Great Master in yellow robes radiating the glow (BuduRas) the yakkas had thrown away their weapons as they had the good luck to be familiar with the teachings of the Buddha. They had then become good citizens. The Buddha with his miraculous powers had them driven away to Giri Deepa on Duruthu Full Moon Day.

The most significant event at this juncture was the presence of the Deva Maha Sumana the guardian God of Samanala Kanda. According to Mahavamsa, the earliest Buddhist relic was the hair relic of the Buddha which had been offered to Deva Mahasumana when he begged Thathagatha to give something to worship on his first visit to the island. Accordingly, he gave him a handful of hair from his head which Mahasumana placed in a golden casket, later enshrined in a stupa embedded with blue stones, built to the height of seven riyanas (a measure) which was later constructed to the height of 80 riyanas by the royalty at different times. This is the MahiyanganaChetiya the first dagaba in Sri Lanka built by a divine being on the spot where Sakyamuni made his first visit to the island.

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