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Bentota LG polls candidate blames former MP Geetha

Former member of the Bentota Pradesheeya Sabha L.W. Ratnapala, who is fielding an independent group for the forthcoming Benota Pradesheeya Sabha elections, said his name had been deleted from the SLPP list contesting the election at the alleged instance of former parliamentarian Geetha Kumarasinghe.

He said he received the biggest majority of votes at the 1991 local elections and rendered an indefatigable service to the area during his term even though he lost at the last LG elections.

He alleged that Geetha Kumarasinghe summoned him to Elpitiya and requested him to stay out of the nomination list promising to appoint him as a nominated member after the elections.

Unable to suffer the indignity caused to him, he had decided to contest under an independent group, he said addressing a propaganda rally held at Thunduwe recently.

Ratnapala said many multi millionaire businessmen and the public had promised to support him at the forthcoming elections. After winning the elections, he would rejoin the SLPP (Pohottuwa party) along with other winning candidates of his group and appoint a chairman of their choice on condition that he be appointed vice-chairman.

He sad, in this way, he would hold the remote control of appointing the future chairman of the Bentota Pradesheeya Sabha. Ven. Mawathawatte Chandana Thera presided. Bentota Pradesheeya Sabhahaformer member Cyril Gunasekera spoke. 



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