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Vandals to receive tougher punishment

As per the instructions of Kurunegala District UNP Parliamentarian and Education Minister Akila Viraj Kariyawasam, the Archeological Affairs Department has decided to amend the existing Archeological Act to introduce tougher legal punishments to those who commit acts of vandalism.

Accordingly, a person who is found guilty of committing an act of vandalism can be fined Rs. 2 million hereafter at a Court of law. This move is to reduce and discourage treasure hunters who vandalize ancient Buddhist temples and other historic places of worship in the island.

A large number of treasure hunters have been arrested by police authorities during past few years.

They have already caused immeasurable damage to the culture and national heritage of this country. At present, an offender of this nature can be fined only Rs. 50,000 as the maximum penalty or a two-year imprisonment. But after the proposed amendment of the Act, an offender would be imposed both the new fine of Rs. 2 million and the two-year imprisonment.

“In the future, a firm of authority with full legal powers to nab vandals and to re-build thus damaged historic places would be set up”, said Archeology Director General Professor P. B. Mandawala, while speaking at a meeting of journalists held yesterday, in Kurunegala. 


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