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[CITIZENS' Mail - (27-12-2017)]

Rejection of nomination papers at LG elections

Nomination papers of candidates were rejected at several places. Some nomination papers were rejected due to very simple and obvious reasons. This is causing lot of confusion. Why cannot the Department of Elections follow some more reasonable procedure?

If there is a simple obvious mistake in a nomination paper, it should not be rejected. There should be provision to do the necessary corrections and accept the paper.

A nomination paper can be rejected if there is a fraud or if they are purposely trying to hide facts. Otherwise last moment corrections should be allowed. We have very qualified government officers. We have very qualified lawyers. With their help these things should be sorted out in a fair manner. Sri Lanka is a democratic country. There should be transparency. Government officers should not impose unnecessary rules and harass the people. They are there to help the people. They should not behave like dictators.

Human beings are not perfect. Nothing is perfect in this world. See how many babies are born with defects. Are we rejecting all of them? We give necessary medical support and correct the defects.

Those who are in power and authority should look into this and do the necessary changes to the system. But please do not delay the elections taking this as an excuse.

D. Weeratunga



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