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Complaints of difficulty in answering O/L Maths paper:

Relief for students after re-evaluation

Examinations Commissioner General B. Sanath Pujitha said a systematic and scientific evaluation will be carried out by the Examinations Department to ascertain whether students faced difficulties when answering the G.C.E. Ordinary Level Examination Mathematics second question paper.

On the outcome of the evaluation, it has been planned to take measures to provide suitable relief for students, he said.

He was responding to a query by the Daily News about the allegations levelled by certain sectors that the standard of the Mathematics second question paper is rather high and that it had been difficult for students to answer. The Commissioner said a bundle of sample answer scripts, which represents the entire country, will be re-evaluated by a committee comprising the question paper preparing board, chief evaluators and a set of teachers who teach Mathematics at schools.

Measures will be taken according to the findings of the re-evaluation. However, he said he does not personally believe that there is a major issue with regard to the Mathematics second question paper.

The answer script evaluation process commenced last Tuesday and was carried out until yesterday.


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