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Ban imposed on production, import of asbestos lifted


The Cabinet of Ministers decided to lift the ban imposed on production and import of white asbestos roofing sheets temporarily, until further review.

However, the ban imposed on blue asbesto roofing sheets remains.

The decision was made at the Cabinet meeting held yesterday.

The ban was to be effective from January 1, 2018.


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Even white asbestos is not considered safe ..though it is not so brittle as the blue .yet the effect of decay is powerful ..and the dangr to those working with the White asbestos is still there if the fibers break while handling ..Should we take this risk for to maintain this bilateral trade ? The effect of Asbestos takes about 10 years to impact and then we will wonder why our love ones are suffereng from lung disease ..Sad isn't it ? May be the Russian facory owners do not worry about those working to manufacture Asbestos .but us ?

What's the reason it banned and reason behind lifting? I heard since Russia imposed banned on tea , to lift that a mutual consent agreed on this.


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