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Scrumptious treats for yuletide

Come Christmas time and many a housewife used to find herself cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Not only do they prepare traditional delicacies but they also have to yield to the family’s many requests for all their favourite yuletide treats. Preparations for the elaborate feast began many weeks in advance in the years gone by. Today, however it is a different story. The modern family simply does not have the time or motivation to sit down for a traditional Christmas says culinary expert Mallika Joseph.

“Christmas time was when the whole family got together those days. This was a much looked forward to time of the year because there is an ambiance of fun and togetherness everywhere. Today the most common excuse that people give is that they have no time to unite with their family on this special period. The family members are scattered across the nation and even in foreign countries,” she explained.

She says that Christmas songs were sung often during this era. Today you can hardly find any real Christmas songs or decorations.

“The festive season begins from December 1. Even those who are not Christians too said that they wish to become part of the festive celebrations,” she said.

Bon Bons were one of the signs which signified the arrival of Christmas. Bruedher with cheese is normally part of the Christmas breakfast. Wine and cake follow. You get Fried Rice for lunch. Roast chicken or turkey is part of the Christmas Day dinner. The Christmas spirit continues up to January 6 – the date that the three kings came to meet baby Jesus. Thus Christians normally take down the Christmas tree only after January 6. Age old traditions add fun to the Christmas season. A ring, a thimble, a button and a coin is put in the Christmas Pudding. The person who gets the ring will be the first to marry. The receiver of the thimble will be a spinster while the person who gets the button will be a bachelor. The one who receives the coin will be the richest one of the lot.

“Such traditions have become alien to the modern generation. We use to make Bon Bons with valuable gifts inside them. It is essential to serve Rich Cake with wine during the season. Most people serve other sweetmeats like marshmallows and milk toffees too but include something savoury like sandwiches, cutlets or pastries,” Joseph advised.

She says that the Christmas colours are red and green. Gold and silver are usually associated with weddings.

“Some people say that they want Love Cake wrapped in toffee wrapping form instead of Rich Cake. The recipe is similar except that Love Cake includes more cashew nuts and less fruits. The real tradition is linked with Rich Cake, not Love Cake,” Joseph stressed.

She says that it is not right to refuse to eat certain food at this time of year.

“That is not the etiquette. Eat a bit but follow a strict diet from the following day onwards. This balances your diet as well as refrains from offending your hosts,” she added.

Apart from wine, champagne too is associated with the season. You can serve Chilled Fruit Punch for non alcoholics. This can be served before a meal like an appetizer.

“It is nice to have the tradition but today, this is lacking in the modern society. Non Christians too celebrate Christmas because it is a lovely atmosphere to create, especially for the children.

The rage is also to go shopping for the season. Christmas has become so commercialized today. We should never lose sight of what really counts on this special day,” she concluded. 


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